1. How long can I eat with Food for life?
The duration of use of our programs is unlimited, since our nutrition programs are not specific or therapeutic diets. Even when you achieve the desired results in weight loss, you can safely continue to eat on our programs - this will help you maintain the necessary physical shape and ensures that the weight lost does not return again.
2. Do I need to consult a doctor before I start eating on Food for life programs?
In general, the Food for life program is not a diet - it is a program of normal healthy nutrition, therefore it is absolutely safe. But, if you have severe chronic illnesses or any doubts about your health, you can consult a doctor.
3. Is it possible to exclude certain products from the package if I am allergic to them?
Oh sure. Our standard menu can be changed if there are any allergies in the client. All requirements are negotiated upon purchase of the package and before the first delivery.
4. I like your food program, but it’s more convenient for me to have breakfast and dinner at home, can I count on the result using your office suite?
Yes, of course. If you can calculate your breakfasts and dinners in accordance with the principles of building Food for life nutrition programs, namely, the amount of calories consumed and their equal distribution throughout the day, then the result will be identical to that achieved using full daily packages.
5. Will the Food for life program help you lose weight?
Oh sure. One of the main goals of Food for life is to provide a balanced diet that contributes to effective and healthy weight loss.
6. How fast can I lose weight using your nutrition program?
It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question, since each person has everything individually. However, we can guarantee that by adhering to the Food for life program, your weight will decrease even with the most moderate physical activity. With an increase in physical activity, for example, with regular visits to the fitness room, we can talk about the possibility of weight loss up to 10 kg per month, while playing sports and using the Food for life program.
7. Is sports and fitness mandatory when using Epic nutrition programs to achieve weight loss outcomes?
No, this is not necessary. By strictly following the Food for life nutrition plan, your weight will in any case be reduced, however, if you have the opportunity to devote your time to sports and fitness, this will undoubtedly enhance the effect and make your body healthy and harmonious. You can always ask us which loads are right for you. Our fitness trainers will be happy to advise you.
8. I decided to combine fitness and nutrition under the Food for life program, but I have never been involved in sports and fitness and I don’t know where to start?
Our trainers will always be happy to advise you and help you choose a program for your needs and even conduct trial exercises with you to assess your physical condition.
9. How quickly can I see the result when using the Food for life nutrition programs?
Each person has a process of losing weight individually, but most of our clients begin to feel significant weight loss after 10-15 days of strict adherence to nutrition plans Food for life.
10. How many kinds of packages are there?
- We have 4 types of packages: S, M, L, XL
11. Do you have any corporate programs and nutrition plans?
Yes, of course, we work with corporate clients and are ready to offer you a nutrition plan that is right for you, based on your budgets and wishes.
12. How many days is one package for?
One package is designed for one day.
13. How many meals are in each bag?
 In package S - 4, in package M - 5, in package L - 6, in package XL - 7
14. If I eat only your product, can I lose weight?
Oh sure. If you follow meals, also exercise, then losing weight and a good mood are provided to you.
15. Is it necessary to count calories in order to lose weight?
Yes, definitely. But don’t worry, we will do it for you. We have all the calories calculated.
16. Is it possible to replace a meal with a sweet one?
Yes, it is possible, but due to the fact that sweet is an empty meal, after a while a strong appetite will appear and the body will require food.
17. Why can not eat carbohydrates?
You can have dinner with carbohydrates, but this way you will lose weight more slowly than is possible with protein dinners.
18. Is it worth giving up pasta to lose weight faster?
No, it’s not worth it; better to eat healthy pasta from durum wheat and in a small amount, approximately the size of a fist.
19. How often does your menu change?
Our menu is changing every day.
20. If I do not give him soup, can I exclude it?
Yes, of course, just let us know.
21. Can certain foods be excluded if I am allergic to them?
 Yes, if you warn us about this in advance, then our chefs will definitely exclude / replace / cook as you want.
22. Is it possible to lose weight only with the help of sports, without paying attention to nutrition?
In order to lose weight with the help of sports, you must also eat right. The body should not suffer from a lack of nutrients, and you should be full of strength.
23. How important is proper nutrition if I play sports?
Your diet is an important item in a healthy lifestyle program. Therefore, food is 70% in achieving a visible result, whether it is losing weight, maintaining muscle tone or developing muscle mass.
24. Is your food suitable for athletes?
Yes, the XL package is suitable, it has 7 meals and 2400 kcal
25. How can I cancel an order?
In the system or by phone 24 hours before delivery
26. What time can I receive my order?
from 7.00 to 11.00, the courier will arrive + - 15 min
Delivery terms
You can get ready meals delivered in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. We deliver food sets for free in the aisles of the capital region: Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen. Outside the metropolitan region, delivery is carried out at an additional cost, we calculate individually, depending on the distance. Re-delivery at an additional cost. Order processing up to 3 days. You can pay for the diet in advance or during the first delivery. Delivery is from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are holidays.
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