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How many meals does a package contain?

XS pack contains 3 meals, S pack contains 4 meals, М pack 5, L pack 6, XL pack 7 meals.


For life XL

105/ 3 days

Epic XL - 2400 calories a day and 7 servings per pack. This package is very suitable for those who are overweight and who are just starting to get rid of it. We also recommend the XL package for professional athletes who need to eat properly and regularly to monitor their weight and keep themselves fit.

2400 calories

7 meals:

  • 5 meals per 400 kcal
  • 2 meals per 200 kcal

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How Fast Can I Lose Weight Using Your Nutrition Program?

However, we can guarantee that following the Food for life nutrition program will reduce your weight even if you exercise very moderately.

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How Long Can You Eat With Food For Life Programs?

There is no limit to the duration of the programs as our nutrition programs are not specific or therapeutic diets. Even when you achieve the desired results in weight loss, you can safely continue to eat according to our programs - this will help you maintain the physical fitness you need and ensure that the weight you lose is not burned.



Listen to what my clients say

  • We ordered a sample from several companies, you are not in competition. Everything is fresh, tasty, beautiful view, large portions, service and even communication - everything is cool, we are satisfied. Well done, you have a good team.
    Tony, 44 years
  • I would like to stick to a healthy diet, but my self-discipline is not enough. Food has always been my weakness. I eat a lot and all the time .. I can’t resist eating .. Especially good food .. Food For Life is just a find for me.
    Jennifer, 32 years

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What is worth knowing?

Why not eat carbs in the evening?

Carbohydrates can be eaten, but this way you will lose weight more slowly than when you eat protein-rich dinners.


Can I exclude certain foods if I am allergic to them?

Yes, if you inform us in advance, our chefs will definitely omit / replace / cook the food as you wish.


Can I replace my meal with sweets?

Yes, you can, but because sweets are empty food, some time ago you have a strong appetite and your body needs food.


Do You Need To Count Calories To Lose Weight?

Yes it is. Don't worry, we'll do it for you. We all have calories down.


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